What did I learn after a year of reselling?


My name is Rosie Mendoza.

I am a full time self-taught photographer and fashionista at heart who resells pre-loved clothing as a side hustle. On a more personal level, I'm a mother of 2 with tons on my plate.

This blog was created to share my "one woman show" journey while spreading awareness on things that matter to me. Making the best out of everything. Succeeding on my own terms. Can you relate? I hope so. Life is too short to live any other way.

Today's post is about: what did I learn after 1 year of reselling?

Well, getting into a new venture can be both exciting and scary. I started by grabbing a handful of pre-owned items from my closet. Then, I cleaned out my kids closets.

With zero experience on it, I decided to educate myself by following whoever was ahead of me on this game, via Instagram, youtube, blogs, you name it. After following some basic reselling protocol like washing, photographing, listing, sales started sloooowly happening. 

What a simple, no-brainer way to make extra $ you might think, right? Well, reselling can be that.  Also, reselling is a very disciplined operation, if you want to make it as regular source of income.

It can be, at times, a lonely road that's why it's so important to put yourself out there, not only to learn from the reselling community but to be a point of reference to whoever else is out there trying to make it happen. We all learn from each other, thru our mistakes and our achievements. I love to see other resellers succeed. It reassures my conviction that hard work, persistence and constant education are the way to keep on striving on this business, or any business.

Also, it reminds me how important it is not to loose yourself. We are more than hard workers. We are individuals with much more than the need to make money at something we enjoy. I've learned valuable lessons from seeing other resellers being consumed by the numbers, the never enough hours, the constant struggle to make it work. I've learned that balance and knowing when to rest is as important as knowing when to push yourself harder. 

If you have found value on this post I'd love for you to share it with someone ELSE who could take advantage of it as well. 

Take care. Rosie