Success is a choice


Don't let it fool you.

At first sight, I am a successful person. I am my own boss. I have two healthy kids, one hefty mortgage and never a dull moment. All of the above keeps me content, grounded and humble but "success" is a concept I'm still chasing after.

Every time I think I've reached "it", something triggers me to keep on digging deeper on what really means to ME.

After 46 years, a handful of achievements and many disappointments I can clearly see that my understanding of success keeps on evolving at the same pace as I do. 

"What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be."

Unfortunately, at some point we all get under the spell of caring what our success means for others. Their validation becomes common currency and we are willing to pay premium for it. By the time we realize how invested we are on getting someone else approval it's hard to break up with the idea that we don't need cheerleaders at all. True success is a very personal journey.

We easily let success be dictated by where we live, what we drive and how many people like us without being aware that, for better or worse, those variables can and will change along the way. 

THIS is the kind of success I'm working on today: to master the ability to ADAPT without losing myself in the process, regardless my financial and social status. It won't save me from the struggle but certainly it will help me to bounce back from it much faster.

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Take care. Rosie