Risky business


My name is Rosie Mendoza and I hope you took the time to listen to my previous stories, where I went in detail on how I got here. Today, I am a full time self-taught photographer and fashionista at heart who resells pre-loved clothing as a side hustle.

On a more personal level, I'm a mother of 2 with tons on my plate and... I love it!

This blog was created to share my "one woman show" journey while spreading awareness on things that matter to me. Making the best out of everything. Succeeding on my own terms. Can you relate? I hope so. Life is too short to live any other way.

When I'm not working I'm... working! or... I'm educating myself on a little bit of everything: entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, sustainability, health, self-love, parenting, you name it... thru podcasts, audio books, anything I can listen to while having my morning run or driving somewhere.

I'm far from being an expert on anything and still believe there's value on sharing my journey as I better myself thru it.

Today's post is all about risky business.

Photography and reselling are risky businesses, you never know exactly how much money you are gonna make next week. 

Uncertainty can trigger you to work hard and smart or discourage you overnight. How do I deal with it? Took me a minute, maybe two until I got comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

This is what I know: if I do my best, stay consistent with my goals and flexible on my strategy there's not reason for this daily operation to fall apart. 

Also, I ask myself every morning, are you happy with what you are going to do today? The answer is still YES. 

The freedom of working on my own is what I value the most. It is my priceless success. 

Take care. Rosie

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