Dance like none is watching


After not giving it too much thought, I took myself out last night… I purposely ended up at this Italian place where regulars are 55+, with the intention of having a great homemade meal, couple of glasses of Malbec and listening to some decent music. Going low profile, you know.

Well, that’s what I thought. I sat at the bar and while minding my business I realized that no matter how much under the radar I wanted to be it wasn’t going to happen.

At one point or another, every single employee took the time to ask me if I needed something ELSE while shamelessly I stuffed my face with a 3 course dinner. The next to me “bored out of his mind” someone’s husband complimented my hair a 1000 times and he didn’t miss a beat of the entire “speed date” session the main chef got me into for a minute… it was more like 10 minutes. All of the sudden, this guy was screaming across the room to get the attention of someone who happened to be from my neck of the woods…

As a photographer, I find myself the most comfortable at the other side of the camera, but stealing the spotlight for a change ain’t gonna hurt me… right? It didn’t.

“I came to eat not to just look pretty” was my smart remark when someone asked me if there was room for dessert LOL there is always room for dessert. His counter offer? Looks like you are doing both tonight. I smiled back and ordered their must-have tiramisu.

By 9:30pm the place started to get crowded and I started to run out of social skills so, I left as incognito as I could after slapping a well-deserved tip to whoever was my server. Still not sure who he/she was.

The highlight of my night was these two old ladies (and I mean old over 70) dancing like none was watching. They got me thinking: who is really watching? None that counts, really. They were having the time of their lives and I was lucky enough to be present for it. So, next time you feel like doing something, please DO IT. Forget about the entourage, forget about feeling too fat or too ugly or too whatever negative shit you think about yourself and go for it. It could be an unforgettable experience :) for you and others.