Motherhood and boss life

How to strive at Motherhood while being your own boss

I start super early. 5:45am water + coffee and a shot of vitamin B12. Yes, that's what it takes to get my morning workout going: which is either a run or a kickboxing class and free weights while listening to a great piece of content.

I do NOT check any social media or emails before I get all of the above out of the way…

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Reaching my full potential

Take a min. and think about the amount of information that you consume in a day... Wow! right?

Most of us reach for the phones before even opening our eyes. Between the real/the fake news and looking at what everybody else is doing along with the fear of missing out, there is little to no time or attention span left for what really matters to us, whatever it is…

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From being employed to flying solo

After 11 years of working a 9 to 5 and making a decent income my creative side started asking for an outlet. Why not to take pottery classes and keep the other ball rolling you may ask? Well, between having a job, playing housewife and being a full time mom, there was zero room for my own personal recreation.

I had bills to pay and not the best support system so making money thru my hobby was the only option…

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