Let there be light… the importance of ambiance lighting

One of the most overlooked décor elements when planning an event is the lighting design. I can’t stress enough to clients how important ambiance lighting is.

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Bar Mitzvah by Galaxy Productions

Light provides energy. Have in mind, if you go too dark, all the fabulous details will be missed and if there is too much, everything will look overexposed. Lighting can highlight all the beauty and can be used to camouflage the not so perfect aspects as well.

Bar Mitzvah by Parties by Lyn

The lighting at the dance floor should be different from the lighting for the rest of the room.

The key functions of lighting are to control visibility and help reinforce scenery. Ambiance lighting isn’t just something to illuminate a space, but an essential element to set the mood of your event. 

Bat Mitzvah by Galaxy Productions

I strongly recommend don't leave this task up to your DJ, who is throwing some LEDs into your package. As an example, to enhance a 50'x50' room you would need to use approx. 40 of these LEDs lights. Most companies will give you a "deal" of 18 units. 

Like when hiring any other vendor, do your research, look for reviews, educate yourself.


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