Telling the story, my way... - Rosie Mendoza Photography

For me, photography is part of a lifestyle. While shooting a wedding, a social event, even a headshot, I have this need to capture something ELSE than just a picture.

I am human as you are so, I have my ups and down, my personal and professional struggles and victories but, at the end of the day, Photography is the only place where I can go and clearly balance things out… hard for me to explain in words, my images do a much better job.

I have the luxury to photograph for a living. A bless and a curse at the same time. A constant fight between what I should and want to do with my craft, where I am coming from and where I will be tomorrow. There's not sense of certainty whatsoever. I make my own rules and I break them all.

I just want to shoot, make you happy and make myself extremely accomplished… 

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