Samantha is back… - Fort Lauderdale Portrait Photographer

As entrepreneur I often wear many hats, one of them being the Assignment Officer in charge of what projects I take and which ones I turn down. Far too many times I've looked back at my photographer's life and wished I allowed myself the permission to simply say NO.

Many people think that, because I do not specialize in one particular subject (ex. portraits) and one particular subject ONLY, I don't master any of them. Reality is, I get bored easily. For my own sake I need to shoot a little bit of everything to keep my creative juices going. I'm not doing portraits as often as I used to and that's how I like it...

I've been taking pictures of Samantha since her 1st Communion and... oh boy! This girl is getting more beautiful by the minute. Enjoy :)

Rosie MendozaComment