Rosie Mendoza Photography is up and running...

About a month ago I decided to finally start building a new website where I could feature all my photographic services, blog my favorite events and offer you the opportunity to get an inside of my life as a photographer, all in one virtual platform. Squarespace offers the perfect online structure to expose my work through beautifully designed galleries with incredible resolution, a very practical / interactive blog and a straight to the point mobile application.

For a larger view click on the image of your choice.

I love photography but, capturing stills for a living takes a little bit more than setting up the shutter of my camera. Reality is, I shoot only 20% of the time, the rest is all about marketing, networking, selling, editing, uploading, self-educating, billing, you name it.

What do I enjoy the most? Shooting, of course.

That's why I decided to partner with fully-bilingual / savvy event coordinator, Gisselle Glaser, who will be helping potential clients with all the details of booking RMP for their Wedding and Mitzvahs. You still will have the opportunity to get to know me in person, ask additional questions, get my feedback and go over tangible products.

I hope these changes not only improve the business side of Rosie Mendoza Photography but bring the ultimate customer service experience that you deserve. 

Looking forward to hear from you.


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