My week in review… - South Florida Photographer

"There's not bigger satisfaction than doing what you love and getting paid for it." - Me

Highlights: I've started to work with a new realtor, who happens to be on a reality show. For privacy reasons I won't be able to give any more details but, what a pleasure to shoot such a gorgeous property! By the way, she doesn't look like the "bad girl" she portrays on TV, at all :)

For a larger view click on the image of your choice.

Also, I captured J. pre-Mitzvah photos. Isn't he a cutie or what? So easy to work with...

To top it all off and after a couple of re-schedules (due to the weather conditions) I was able to photograph D and V along with their beautiful belly by the beach. What a joy! 

I have a few crazy days ahead: fun portrait studio session, John Legend concert, Latin Billboard Awards, BizBash, La Martina Polo event. Busy is always good… stay tuned.

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