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"While browsing on Facebook back in February I noticed a male friend of mine had posted photos of his wife. She had taken the time to get photos done as a Valentine’s day gift to him. He seemed so excited about these pics of his wife it gave me an idea for my upcoming anniversary!

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This will be my 19th anniversary so I felt like it was the right time to possibly try to get my husband “excited” about photos of his wife. Also being 47 years old I kind of feel like it was now or never! Of course I knew who I would call – Rosie!

Rosie has taken professional photos on several occasions for my online magazine WestonVida, and I see her interesting and beautiful pics all the time on Facebook. 

The only catch was this: I can’t take a good picture! 

Rosie arrived at my home with all of her gear. I explained to her that she was facing a true challenge: actually getting a good photo of me. I blink. I make strange facial expressions. I tense up. etc. etc. 

I figured out pretty much right away that Rosie had a super talent for photography. She wanted to catch that image that truly depicted “me”.  Two hours and several wardrobe changes later I really felt like there was possibility for some really good pics. (And my stomach muscles hurt from laughing!) Rosie kept me feeling comfortable and light during the entire process. I have to say that I actually had a lot of fun with Rosie during the photo session! I was feeling a little out of my comfort zone at the beginning but by the end I felt like real pro “model”. Can’t wait to see my pics…." - Rebecca P.

When it comes to have pictures taken, Rebecca is not much different than the rest of us. It's very hard to pose in front of a complete stranger and be yourself or whatever you want to be at that moment and don't feel weird. I'm glad I entertained her to the point she felt comfortable enough to let me see the best side of her.

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