Why fit in when you can stand out?

Make Your First Impression Count. Most buyers begin looking for their home online. It has been said that you have about 3 seconds to grab potential buyer’s attention. Web Appeal is the new Curb Appeal.

"My goal is to capture the right angles at the right time and create inviting photographs that are rich in light and color, which will expose not only the space itself but, the South Florida lifestyle your clients want to experience with it." - Rosie Mendoza


Differentiate yourself

The following marketing tools have been created to help those very busy real estate agents who don't have the time and/or knowledge about the latest in media resources.

"Affordable, reliable content that adds value to your business and engages with your specific audience." - Rosie Mendoza


Offering up to 1 min. HD, High resolution, animated, informative, entertaining media content ready to upload into your FB, IG, Ln, YouTube, etc. Content with endless applications.

Motion + Stills video

Need more? Up to 2 mins. of High Resolution, stabilized virtual tour combining motion and stills. You no longer need a large budget or to hire a production crew to represent your clients and listings with an engaging video. Ready to upload into your FB, Ln, YouTube, etc.

Get in front of the camera and promote away! Showing off the properties you represent thru video is a very hands-on way to impress potential buyers/sellers who are learning about your listings before getting on the phone, email, and in-person meetings.

Let's discuss your needs. Looking forward to be part of your winning team.

Note: none of your marketing products will include "media content created by RosieMendozaPhotography.com" or such.

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